Why has UNISON introduced a credit union solution?

Why has UNISON introduced a credit union solution?

UNISON are advertising credit unions as monetary and ethical co-operatives that will assist users in a safer and accountable means. This really is just one single component of a wrap-around, holistic service that the union produces through their charitable supply, Here for you personally, to market good wellbeing that is financial.

Just how can UNISON branches get involved with promoting their credit that is local union?

This is carried out in many different methods, such as for instance:

  • showing posters;
  • registering UNISON users along with their credit union;
  • organising workplace presentations;
  • content in branch newsletters.

We have been piecing together a selection of site components. If you’d like more information, assist to arrange a workplace check out or suggestions about negotiating a credit union payroll deduction scheme along with your company, e mail us.

Can I worry about agreeing to payroll deductions?

Definitely not – all credit unions are included in the Financial solutions settlement Scheme.

Qualified deposits is covered as much as ВЈ85,000.

just just What services do credit unions create?

This is based on the kind and size for the credit that is individual, but generally include:

  • present records;
  • cost savings reports – credit union people ought to create up their assets and accumulate discount.
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