Yamin: Interracial dating and just why you need to do it now

Yamin: Interracial dating and just why you need to do it now

Jennifer Yamin, Columnist 14 february

It wasn’t that I realized how many different ethnicities, or combinations of them, exist on our campus until I attended a MIXED — a student group for people of mixed racial descent — dinner. Pupils from Venezuela, Japan, Italy, Guatemala and a myriad of other nations were all squeezed into just one dining room table.

MIXED additionally held a meeting Wednesday called “Interracial Dating” that included a panel of three visitors: Asian American Studies and African American Studies Prof. Nitasha Sharma, Ph.D. prospect Kareem Khubchandani and professional marriage and household counselor Jakara Hubbard.

Kalina Silverman, the co-president and co-founder of MIXED, explained the objectives regarding the panel.

“Hopefully, this panel will help clear up as well as bring to light a number of the problems in the wide world of interracial dating,” Silverman said.

After the event’s discussion, we seriously considered interracial dating at NU. Nobody has precise data regarding the dynamic that is dating experience on campus, but I have noticed the ability for interracial dating is a lot more than feasible.

Silverman noticed the relevance of these a subject on campus too.

“As we gain increased quantities of independence and option, we have been now positioned to consider a lot more of the complexities about whom we choose to date and eventually settle down with,” she said. “As colleges have become more hitch mobile and more ethnically and culturally diverse, interracial relationship becomes especially prevalent on campuses. And despite many individuals believing it is particularly relevant today. it’s not a hot or relevant topic,”

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