Tinder simply Threw A hissy fit at a girl Who Rejected It

Tinder simply Threw A hissy fit at a girl Who Rejected It

Tindersplaining. It really is thing, you dudes.

After Vanity Fair published aВ piece about Tinder’s negative effect on hookup culture, the working platform made a decision to follow Nancy Jo product sales, the journalist who composed it, within the many Tinder-esque feasible method: ignoring her critiques and condescendingly telling her just how to do her task.

The dating platform’s social media account aggressively defended itself against criticism, ranting that it wasn’t a hookup app (as the Vanity Fair piece claimed), but a vehicle for positive social change, like the Mother Theresa of dating apps, or something in aВ slew of indignant tweets. As well as calling Sales “biased” because her piece did not speak about just how Tinder “creates accountability that is social” Tinder additionally misrepresented the task of some other feminine reporter,В Mic’sВ Natasha Noman, whom recently performed a playВ about her experience dating being a lesbian in Pakistan.

Evidently, Tinder is not just a professional on Tinder. It is also a specialist on journalism.

Tinder includes reputation for aggressive behavior against women.В Instead of maturely handling the points built in product product product Sales’ piece, Tinder’s social media marketing account (which we imagine, for the intended purpose of this piece, is run by a man whom in cargo shorts who keeps hisВ OakleyВ sunglasses on inside) actually attacked her for daring to state a viewpoint.
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